Saturday, April 26, 2008

To Celebrate Brandon's Birthday

Sunday April 27th is Brandon's birthday. To celebrate the sixteenth year since his birth we are posting copies of comments from his teachers at Franklin High, and his winning Carson Scholars essay. For better reproduction they appear at the bottom of this page.. please scroll down to view them, or click here for teachers comments and here for Brandon's essay

Recent note from Brandon's mom Jessie:
We just got back from the Jimmy V. Basketball Game. It was wonderful.. they gave us a framed certificate in memory of Brandon. They had memory readings for him and we were given a bunch of flowers from the school principal. The gym holds 900 people and all tickets were sold out. Teachers greeted us from both Franklin Middle and Franklin High Schools, and the faculty from FMS school narrowly won the game. The event was for a good cause.
Love, Jessie
(this note refers to The Battle for the Bell Charity Basketball Game held on April 24th at Franklin High in Reisterstown)