Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Note From Jessie and Basketball Game Notice

It's two weeks today that Brandon Passed away, and I'm still thinking it's a very bad dream. I'm numb and still cannot accept it. It's very difficult. Eric is back to work this week. We go to Brandon's grave everyday and bring flowers, then we talk to him..
Last week we returned all Brandon's books and met his Guidance Counselor , principal and teachers. There's some tears that was shed again. We also went to Falls Road at Home and Hospital center and returned all his books. We met all his educators there and they are planning to place a plaque with Brandon's name in their Memorial garden. It's so beautiful there with lots of flowers and they said we could stop-by any time we want. We don't know yet when is the plaque will be ready, they will contact us during the dedication.

Franklin High School is planning a Basketball Game on April 24 in Memory of Brandon's and one of their teachers that passed away with cancer. All proceeds will go to Jimmy V. Foundation for Cancer Research. They already made a short writing about Brandon and they will read it during the halftime of the game. They also ask for Brandon's pictures. They said the will save a section of Brandon's friends and family. Here's their add:

On April 24, Franklin High School will host the 3rd annual Battle for the Bell Charity Basketball Game to Benefit the Jimmy V. Foundation for Cancer Research. The game will
feature Franklin Middle School faculty versus Franklin High School faculty, and has raised
$8,500.00 over the past two years.
We need your support, we are asking everyone in the Franklin community to help make us stronger this year, and support our efforts to raise awareness and money for this year's game. Ticket's will be sold for $4.00 , and we are encouraging everyone to donate $1.00 for the cause. We anticipate our tickets to go on sale April 14 through the 23. NO TICKET'S will be sold at the door.
If you have any questions about the event or the cause, please contact either Franklin High School Charles Mallonee(cmallonee@bcps.org) or Franklin Middle School Larry Zuckerman
(lzuckerman@bcps.org) for more information.

Thank you,