Friday, May 2, 2008

From Jessie: Thank You/Eric's Mom

Hello Everyone,
It's been a month I did not send emails.
Today is one month since Brandon's passed away. I miss him very much.
Thank you for all your love and support during this very difficult time.
We appreciate all your help and everything that you did. God Bless you all.
We go to his grave everyday and I talk to him all the time.

YESTERDAY, Eric's mom passed away. She was not feeling good after Brandon's passed away and Monday she was admitted in the hospital for observation, her heart beat was irregular. Tuesday morning her heart stopped. She was in ICU until 6 am yesterday she was gone. It's been very hard for all of us.. mostly Eric.... we are planning for another funeral again.
My brother-in-law said she grieve so much for Brandon's death and she was talking to Brandon's pictures in her room. She is at peace now. She is 83 years old.

Sunday was Brandon's 16th Birthday.. we went to attend the Dr. Carson Scholarship.
I was very sad.. only Brandon is missing, Dr. Carson come to our table and give us a hug and he signed his book in Memory of Brandon. He acknowledged Brandon as a missing scholar for that evening and he said- today is his Birthday but he passed away last month, and he said some good memory about Brandon. We were asked to stand up and everyone applauded
us in Brandon's memory.. I was a mess crying... I really miss my Brandon. It was a very moving experience. I wish Brandon was there.. I could see him walking on the stage.

This is all for now. Take care.. I will email the funeral arrangement for Eric's mom when I get the information.
Please pray for us.. mostly for Eric. Thank you..