Friday, March 21, 2008

Brandon Updates

Eric and Jessie Peele's 15 year old son Brandon, their only child, was suffering from DSRCT, or desmoplastic small round cell tumor, and had been fighting against this rare, aggressive, and fast spreading cancer in a brave and valiant way for 16 months.
He underwent intensive chemotherapy, radiation therapy, stem cell transplantation, and CyberKnife radiosurgery. He died on April 1, 2008 at Sinai Hospital where he had been receiving treatment.

Here are the most recent updates from Jessie.. beginning with June 20th at the bottom, and progressing toward the most recent at the top:

From: Jessie Peele
Wednesday April 2, 2008 10:09 AM

Hello Everyone,
Our beloved son Brandon Emmanuel Peele went home with our LORD last night .
He passed away around 7:40 pm... We loved him so much that it was very hard to let him go ,our hearts are tearing apart, but you all know that Brandon have a strong faith and we believe that he is in a better place.No more pains and sufferings...He is in heaven now and he is our angel that will watch us all the time,he will always be in our hearts forever,,,WE MISS HIM....He fought a good fight for 16 months and we never give-up until the very end.
He was a brave soul , courageous and a very kind considerate child.Everybody that knows him admired him for his qualities.
Right now, Eric is talking to Sinai Hospital,there are some parts of Brandon's body that we could donate to help other people. We know Brandon,,he is very giving and if there is a way
doctor's could use his body parts to help other's he will DO that.He always want to help others,he has this very generous soul and he touch so many lives in so many ways.
We left Sinai last night,around 1am, without him and in the car is very airy feeling. He is always with us all the time. When I say goodbye to him last night,it seems like he is telling me MOMMY please don't leave me,but I cannot take him home no more.
This is very hard for me...Brandon had a lot of friends ,classmates,teachers, family members,and people from our church including Pastor that visit him for the last time yesterday.We are very Blessed to know you all ,that for all the loved and compassion you all showed us throughout this very difficult ordeal.
We have to make some funeral arrangement today.
I will email information as soon as I can...
Thank you,

From: Jessie Peele
Tuesday April 1, 2008 6:17 AM

Hello Everyone,
This is very hard for me to start but, because of your continued love and support to Brandon,me and Eric I have to let you know at least.
We had a disturbing news Saturday morning. Me,Eric and Dr. Britton, Brandon's Oncologist
had a closed door meeting. She was always very open to us...
I noticed that everyday,,Brandon is getting weaker and weaker..
She told us a devastating news,, that Brandon is dying. Me and Eric are falling apart again..
Brandon's organs are failing that the only thing to do is to keep him on the machines. or we could go home Wednesday. Brandon is very happy knowing we will be home on Wednesday. We have visitor's Sunday ,,The Stratton's ,,Brandon was happy to see

Brandon's Update
Jessie Peele
Friday March 28, 2008 3:50 pm

Hello Everyone,
Our dear friend Alec made a blog for Brandon.We are Blessed...Thank you...
Here is the address Please feel free to leave messages ,we love encouragement,,, and would love to hear from you.
Today is our 19 days here in Sinai.Brandon is still having this back pains,it's not as severe as before. His Oncologist order him to have this special bed in our room,hopefully it will relieve his pains and the docs. has to make some adjustments with his pain meds,,somehow it made him very sleepy all the time.
The docs. had trained me to drain Brandon's stomach.I had been draining him for the last three days.It is very scary at first but,,I have to be brave for Brandon's sake.I drain him three times a day,and a total of three liters a day. Brandon told me I did a great job.
Yesterday,Brandon had his World History teacher for a visit with her daughter Jen.
Thank you for coming and for watching Brandon while me and Eric get some dinner.
Then we have Eric's co-workers at WJZ Pete and Michelle. Michelle husband Pastor Peter C. Wood.Thank you coming and prayed with us,it was a true Blessings.
This morning,Pastor Krolus is here. He stayed for a long time,,just talking while I give Brandon some warm compress on his back.Pastor give a lot of encouragement to me and Brandon and we truly appreciate everything mostly the uplifting prayers. We need that...Thank you for coming Pastor Krolus.

Pastor give us two cards from Patricia.We don't really know you personally but the content of your card touch our hearts,I know you are reading my emails,,,Please email me personally,,Thank you so much for the monetary fund,,we appreciate it,your love and support and all the prayers are more than enough.
Brandon's Oncologist tell us this morning,,that we could go home this coming
MONDAY. we have to see how he feels this weekend ,then we will decide on Monday.
I guess it's better if we're home at this point, I feel comfortable taking care of Brandon.
As long as he has his pain pump,we will continue taking TPN and lipids at home,until he could eat full meals.I know and believe that God has plans for Brandon and he will just be fine..When all his Amylase and Lipase level gets to normal,we are thinking to give him another Chemo,his Oncologist told me there's so much more there and we will never give-up.On the good news,,,Dr. Carson Office call me this morning and congratulate me and Brandon about his scholarship.Dr. Carson wants to talk to Brandon personally,she wants me to tell her what's the right time to talk to Brandon's.She said Dr. Carson is in surgery at the moment when I am talking to her and he knows alot about Brandon and would want to see him personally.I don't know if this will come true.We'll see...
Again, we cannot Thank you enough for your continued support ,love and payers and compassion. We are very blessed and please continue praying for Miracles
and strength.God Blessings to all.
We love you all,

Brandon's Update
Jessie Peele
ViewWednesday, March 26, 2008 3:11:35 PM

Hello Everyone,
Today is our 17 days in Sinai Hospital.
Brandon has improvements since then but slowly.
3-10 admitted day--Amylase Level is 1176 H and Lipase Level is 823 H...
This morning counts, both are in the 200 H. . This is GOOD, we are going to the right directions. Thank GOD,the miracles we are praying for..This means that his Pancreas is getting better. Yesterday,his Oncologist told him he could eat jello and popsicle and he could drink water as much as he can.It's a wonderful Blessings. Thank you Jesus....
Saturday the docs. placed a catheter in his stomach to drain the fluid. His body is producing
too much are the # they drained from him;3-13 one liter,3-20 one liter
3-22 one liter,3-23 three times am.520ml,noon-500ml.and evening 420ml.
3-24 three times draines total three liters,3-25-two times drained total two liters and today so far the docs.drain one liter,they will drain him again at 4 pm for another liter.
Today,Dr. Wiley told me that he refer Brandon to a surgeon here in Sinai,for another procedure to see if we could divert the fluid buildup direct to his viens.
The surgeon were just here talking to us,he said at this point we will wait until the counts are completely down then it is safe to do this surgery,for now we will wait....
Brandon is doing okay,he is just very tired all the time,even he sleep good at night.
Dr. Wiley will adjust his pain meds. Maybe this is the one that cause so much drowsiness.
I don't mind if he sleeps a lot I know he is not in pain.
It is so amazing,every time they drain him,he never feel pain at all,yesterday he hardly used his morphine pump,but still he is very tired.He is very brave and courageous.
Dr. Wiley,just ask him,if he would like to drain himself later-on,,,he said okay...I will....It's NOT that hard........
Again Thank you for all your love,prayers and concerned and the un-ending get-well wishes. We are Blessed to know you all.We are grateful.
We Thank you very much for friends that came to see us and bring gifts and foods and for
friends that cook for me and do my laundry.It's all your love and support that keep us going.
We pray for continued miracles,we know God answers our prayers and Brandon is in his care and he has plan for Brandon.
Love and prayers,

From: Jessie Peele []
Sent: Saturday, March 22, 2008 10:07 PM
Subject: Brandon Peele

Hello Everyone,
Brandon get up early this morning with a stabbing pains. He still have a lot of fluids
in his stomach. It's very difficult for him to sleep at night.
Eric get here in Sinai at 9 am. to stay with Brandon while I go home to do our laundry.
Brandon is very uncomfortable that he told his Oncologist to put the catheter in his
stomach.Eric call me and surgery is schedule at 1:30 this afternoon.By the time I come back Brandon is in recovery. Eric said, the doctor's get one liter of fluids again from his stomach.
Brandon has a catheter in his stomach now to drain the fluids.They will drain his stomach
everyday until his pancreatitis heal.
He is very sore and drug-out. He has a visitor today,his friend from Franklin High School
Orchestra Class.,and a couple we know in church. Brandon was not a good company
he was very drug-out from the anesthetic during the surgery.
He is resting comfortable right now,and No pain.
Again Thank you so much for your continued support,payers and well-wishes.
We appreciate everything.God is in control...and we believe in Miracles...
God's Blessings to all and Happy Easter,

Thursday, March 20, 2008 11:10 PM
Subject: Brandon's Update

Hello Everyone,
Brandon get-up this morning with alot of pain. It never subside even with lot's of
morphine pushes.He got a little distructed with pains,when Pastor Krolus and my friend Sally stop-by for a visit. Thank you for your visit and the uplifting prayers,we appreciate it.
As soon as they left, Brandon tell me he is having a hard time breathing.
The docs come to our room and it seems like Brandon got alot of fluids buildup in his stomach again. I get so scared again. Eric take off from work and be with me.
Brandon get drain again this afternoon,
They got one liter of fluids again.Social worker and his Oncologist was talking to me and Eric again while he's being drained.This is very devastating for us to see Brandon going thru all this.He does'nt deserve to suffer like these.
Brandon is so brave and have strong faith,he always put himself to sleep,he give himself a shot of anesthetic,
We continue to pray and Thank GOD for strength and courage.
Brandon is feeling better tonight,No pain so far,Please God let it keep that way.
We thank you for your continued love and prayers, please we need more at this time.We need miracles,and we believe God will grant Brandon that...God is in control....
God bless all of you and Happy Easter.

From: Jessie Peele []
Sent: Wednesday, March 19, 2008 6:06 PM
Subject: Brandon Update

Hello Everyone,
We Thank You for your continued support during this very difficult journey. It's because of you, that we have this strength and courage. We will never give-up,we have to fight to the very end,we have strong faith and we believe God will do miracles.for Brandon.We trust God and everything is in his control.We continue to pray for Brandon's cure all the time.
We're still here in Sinai and I will not leave the hospital until I'm comfortable enough to take care of Brandon at home.
Brandon is improving slowly everyday,he got some pains last night,that we requested for stronger pain control,then he has chest pains,Today he get some x'rays and all the results
are normal.He has still alot of fluids in his stomach and his legs are swollen.Today his
Oncologist ask him if he needs catheter,to drain his stomach and he said NO,,,so now we are usings meds. to flush the water buildup. He is still in TPN and Lipids,No Foods.
Brandon lost alot of weight,today his TPN get adjusted to give him more nutrients for him to gain weight.We start walking on the hallway,this makes him fel a little better.
We probably be here in Sinai,until next week or more.I don't mind as long as Brandon is in good hands,we will do anything.
We welcome visitor's here,,OurRm.# is 372 and our Phone # is 410-601-9644..Brandon would like visitor's.
On the good news,,,Eric brought some mails for Brandon's yesterday,which made him very happy.Brandon got accepted in Ben Carson Scholars Fund.,,one thousand dollars
scholarship, 12 Annual Awards Banquet on Sunday April 27,,2008 at Martn's West.
at 2 p. m.Dr.and Mrs. Ben Carson will give the awards.
What a perfect day,Brandon will turn 16 years old on April 27.
We Thank you for all the support of his teacher's to be part of this remarkable achievements.
We are very proud of him considering of all the Treatments and surgeries he's been had,,and stll got this award,it really surprised me and Eric.
With all these sacrifices Brandon been through,I pray he will recover very soon to attend the award ceremony.Please pray for him .
We Thank you for all the get-well wishes,cards and for some friends that came and visit.
We appreciate everything.We are very Blessed to have friends like you.
Love and Prayers to all,

From: Jessie Peele []
Sent: Saturday, March 15, 2008 11:31 PM
TSubject: Brandon Peele

Hello Everyone,
This is very agonizing email I have to send. I'm home tonight and Eric is in Sinai staying with Brandon. First of all Brandon Emmanuel Peele is Blessed to have all of you who showed him so much loved and support throught this journey,even people we donot know.
We Thank you and appreciate with all our hearts for your unending Love,support and prayers .
Brandon's stomach was drained Thursday afternoon and the took almost one liter of fluids.
While he is in surgery,his Oncologist, three doctors,social worker and a chaplan talked to me and Eric privately.
It was devastating words we Do Not want to hear.
Brandon is very ,very sick at this point that no more chemo can be can be given to him.
It will just make him more sick and worse. With these they told us that we want Brandon to be comfortable,free from pain and we will go home and arrange Hospice Services.
We are still in Sinai maybe until Monday or Tuesday. It was a blow in our face , all the doctor's and nurses will hug us and cry .Sinai is our second home and they all love and take good care of Brandon.
Yesterday,Friday we have to tell Brandon everything.It was the hardest thing to tell your child about his conditions and mostly his time is getting short here on earth.It was very very agonizing for three of us. Brandon cried,so much,he was scared and we did try to comfort him with prayers and bible stories and verses,it was the hardest day of our life.I never see Brandon cried that much before,but you know Brandon trust the Lord and with this,he comfort him and he was okay,and told us I'm glad you guys tell me the Truth....We continued to pray for Miracles.Last night he got another CT and MRI for his Pancrea.
His Oncologist continued to look for other possibilities.They have not give-up yet.
As of now, Brandon is doing okay and still on liquid diet,TPN and LIPIDS.
He already email his friends telling them he do not have more time.This is really tearing me and Eric apart.Brandon loves the Lord that he has this amazing strength and courage.
He never wants us to be sad but instead he comforts us.He knows Jesus could do miracles,but whatever it is,it's God's will.Yes it's tearing us apart inside.We love Brandon so much.Today ,the result of the CT and MRI is back,his pancrea is good ,there is no tumor in there,this is good news,and the water in his stomach is not coming form his liver which the suspect it was.,his liver funtion is very good.Now we have miracles...
We pray his counts to continue going to the right directions.We believe in miracles and trust that God will give that miracles for Brandon for he has planned for him,please pray with us,it's very very hard for us at this time that we are still thinking it's just a bad dream.
Thank you for everything.
With Love and Prayers,

From: Jessie Peele []
Sent: Monday, March 10, 2008 8:30 PM
Subject: Brandon Peele

Hello Everyone,
We are in Sinai Pediatric's Unit. Rm. 372. Brandon got admitted today at 10:30 am.
He was in alot of pain that we decided to check him in the clinic. His Oncologist want us to get admitted right away,he has a lot of fluids builtup in and around his stomach.
He got blood check and ,,he got Pancreatitis ,this cause his severe stomach pains.
He got Ct-Scans with contrast this afternoon and his Oncologist just show us the result.
His liver is enlarge and there's alot of tumors in there but it is functioning Good.Obviously the Chemotherapy he is on right now is not working for him.Oh,I wish we could find the one that works for him.Please pray,,I know God has plans for Brandon.
There's a lot of fluids all around his stomach,they said it's probably because his liver is leaking fluids and it's building in his stomach.He is doing okay right now,he's watching Tv and his pain is minimize,they put him on pain pump ,no foods or liquid intake and they will
connect him on monitor very soon.
His Oncologist said,if his counts is better tomorrow with the pancreatitis,
Brandon will be set-up for the drainage of fluids in his stomach.,Please pray that
Brandon will be okay and we will find the cure of this terrible disease.I really feel sorry for him. I wish I could take his pains away from him.
Take care and thank you for your continued prayers and support.
God's Blessings to all,

From: Jessie Peele []
Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2008 11:47 AM
Subject: Brandon's Update

Hello Everyone,
Brandon finished his 3rd CyberKnife Treatments yesterday. Unfortunately he continued to have
back and stomach pains. I asked the docs about this yesterday and they said it will take
a little time for him to notice improvements.We pray very soon.
CyberKnife Radiosurgery made Brandon very tired and nausea's and we notice that his stomach got a little bigger. I address this to all his doctor's yesterday also.They said it's the inflamations due to the tissue's around his tumor.He is on steroids that we pray it will decrease the inflamations and Dr. Luddy said there's some water tension in his stomach that we have to monitor for now. Dr. Fixler said,it's not that bad that we have to put a needle in there to drain. Oh,God, we pray his body will just heal itself.
After CyberKnife yesterday,we got his Chemotherapy Infusion and this made him very sick last night,,a lot of pain ,severe Vomit and diarrhea. I feel so sorry for him.I think it was too much for his little body to get these in one day.
He fell a little better today,,just weak. He is doing his homeworks,right now...
We appreciate your concerned,love and prayers throughout this ordeal.
God Bless you all,

From: Jessie Peele []
Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2008 1:51 PM
Subject: Brandon's Update

Hello Everyone,
Praise the Lord for he is Good. Thank you for all the prayers,it really works. I just get off the phone with Brandon's Oncologist and the CyberKnife Nurse Coordinator.
CyberKnife Radiosurgery is scheduled tomorrow at 11 AM. Please pray that, this is the Miracle and the right Treatment for Brandon. He will be in this Steel Room with the Robotic
Machine with him ,all the diagnostic informations are stored in the computer and the Robotic machine will deliver to his body. I am very SCARED but we trust GOD and all the Medical Team to take care of Brandon.He will be in this room for two hours,he will be totally awake.
Please GOD give Brandon courage and strength during this Treatments. I donot know yet how many treatments he will get. We will know everything tomorrow.
We Thank you for all your continued support love and prayers.
Blessings to all,

From: Jessie Peele []
Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2008 9:12 AM
Subject: Brandon's Update

Hello Everyone,
Good morning. Brandon is doing okay aside from pains. He continue to take four different
kinds of pain meds. He is in school today although he complain about his stomach that is tight and bloaded.....We continue to pray that the CyberKnife will start very soon...
Yesterday,we're at Sinai for his Treatments,from 8am. until 6.It was a very long day for all of us.His bloodcounts are low that he end-up getting
2-units of Blood transfussions. He got his Body-Mold yesterday also CT and MRI for the set-up of CyberKnife RadioSurgery..It's a very rigid procedure and very precise.We are very anxious to start this so Brandon will get relieve of his pains,,,But surgeon told us,that we cannot rush,,,we have to immagine that they want to Target the tumors very precisely and we have to protect the rest of his body.I don't know.....
We are hoping and praying that this CyberKnife will starts at least at the end of this week.
Thank you for all your love and continued prayers and all the best wishes. We appreciate it more than you know.Brandon is in God's hands and he will take Good care of him.
He has plans for Brandon. Jeremiah 29:11..We're grateful to all the Medical Teams in Sinai,they are always very kind to us.We Thank God, our Insurance approved this procedure and we have this New Technology available for Brandon. We know this is the Miracle we are praying for.So,please keep praying,it's working,God really answers prayers all the time.
God's Blessings to all .

From: Jessie Peele []
Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2008 8:21 PM
Subject: Brandon's Update

Hello Everyone,
We finally started Setup for CyberKnife Radiosurgery Treatments. Not all cancer patients
are qualified with this Treatments and we are Thankful that our Insurance approved Brandon.
Today we were at Sinai Hospital O.R. at 6:15 am. We sign-in and we talk to Drs. nurses and Technicians and signed consent forms. At 8 they wheeled Brandon to O.R.
Brandon got his Fiducials Placement today. They put him to sleep and he never remember anything.Fiducials---implant small metal markers near the tumor to enable the CyberKnife
System to track tumor position throughout Treatment.
Yes, we picked Gold Beads and he has Five pieces in his back right now.He said it really does'nt hurt that much compared to the Stent Implant,yes,the Stent in him is 12 inches long.I think he got used to that that he could hardly feel it.This stent needs to be change
every six months,we pray that his tumors will shrinks so we could just take that stent out in six months.Next week 2-18 we will be in Sinai for his Chemo,2-19 we have Consultation with
the Radiologist,to check if all the beads are in the right place,then another day for CT and MRI,then another day for making his BODY MOLD,after all these,the CyberKnife Radiosurgery will start, typically no more than 5 treatments.
For now we Thank you, to all the Medical Staff ,Doctor's and Technicians that continued to take care of Brandon.We pray that the Lord will continue to provide Brandon with strength
to successfully endure this treatment.He is doing good,just a little sore,he continue to gain weight every week and tomorrow he is going to school. He is such a good boy and never
complain of anything.Thank you for all your continued support,prayers and get well-wishes
throughout this very difficult journey.We are putting this in God's Hands, I know he will take good care of Brandon.God's Blessings to all.

From: Jessie Peele []
Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2008 5:09 PM
Subject: Brandon's Update

Hello Everyone,
How are you all doing? We're coming-up to the date that Brandon was diagnosed with this terrible Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumors.It's been 14 months since our life was turned upside-down.Yes,there's alot of ups and downs and we continue to pray and ask the Grace and Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ that Everything is in his Control.We are praying for Miracles and for the Cure.
Brandon is doing okay aside from his continues backache and stomachache. He take Percocet and Oxycodone round the clock. He still manage to go to school and he even attend the Youth Lock-in at church and stayed allnight. His back was killing him,but they had a good time.
Well, we finisned one month of this # 11 Chemotherapy and three more months to go.
We are praying that our Lord will do Miracles with this Venorelbine and Cyclophosphamide,Cytoxan will shrinks all his tumors ,it will be a Blessings for all of us.
On the other note that Topotecan, 2 months Chemotherapy,it did NOT work for Brandon.
The Temserolimus,2 months Chemotherapy ,it did not work either. It's very hard and very frustrating for us,,please pray we want the Chemo that works for Brandon.
Brandon is used with that Stent in him and he said it never hurts no more.
We will see his Urologist this Thursday.
Yesterday,we were at Sinai for his Chemo. Last week 1-31 Brandon had his PET/CT Scans.We got the result yesterday.The tumors in his Plueral sacks are gone.
He has tumor in his L 2 and L 5, that light-up in the Pet Scan,Bright that means it's very active, that's the one that cause his back pain.We already saw the
Spine Oncologist,Dr. Levine. Now,Brandon will do a CyberKnife Radiations with his Spine.
We donot know the exact date yet.Dr. Levine said this will take care his backpain and we will do it three sessions. There were some proggression in some of his tumors
and according to the Radiologist the tumor in his Pelvis is 6cm. and he had mentioned about two lympnodes about 3 cm. This scared me alot and I was a mess..
We put all of these now in God's hands,,I know he will take care of Brandon and he has plans for Brandon,Jeremiah 29:11. All these happened for a reason.
Brandon is very strong always in high spirit,never complain.We are Blessed to have him
and it's very hard to see him suffer with pain,,I wish I could take it away from him.
As always we appreciate all you prayers,support and all your well wishes.
We are Blessed to have you as our Prayer warriors,it's working.
Take care and God Bless all of you.

From: Jessie Peele []
Sent: Tuesday, January 15, 2008 7:42 PM
Subject: Brandon's Update

Hello Everyone,
How are you? We we're at Sinai Hospital today for Brandon's Surgery.He was in the Operating Room for 1 hour and he was in Recovery Room for 3 hour's. Yes, his Urethra is being squeeze with that tumor in his Lower Pelvis. Dr. Redwood his Urologist put a stint, a
small tube from his left-kidney through his Urethra and to his bladder.We want to preserve that kidney. He is in alot of pain,that I wish I could take it away from him.
When I get to the Recovery Room his pain is #10. I tell his nurse he need some pain meds.
She tell me there is no order for pain meds.,I said he need something. Brandon is crying
and he make me cry too,I know Brandon he will not cry if he could only take it.
He is a brave young man,and we are very proud of him all the time.He will miss school again tomorrow.He is on high hydration 24 hours. Please pray for more wisdom and strength.
We continue to pray for miracles,that his tumor's will continue to shrink.
Brandon just finish eating chicken noodle soup.He is very hungry since the last food and drink he ate was last night.He likes me to spoon feed him. Now he wants icecream.I think he is felling better,Praise the LORD.He is in control.Thank you for your continued love,prayers,support and those never ending Well-Wishes.
We appreciate all of them more than you know.
Blessings and Hugs to all,

From: Jessie Peele []
Sent: Friday, January 04, 2008 7:20 PM
Subject: Brandon's Update

Hello Everyone,
We went to Brandon's Urologist yesterday afternoon. Dr. Redwood, read the Scans
and he told us that Brandon has HYDRONEPHROSIS which means there is a blockage
that is pushing to his Urethra that's why his Kidney is swollen.Now, Dr.Redwood wants
to do a surgery to Brandon to see what is causing this. Brandon will be asleep and it will be done in Sinai Hospital.Dr.'s assistant is scheduling O.R. sometimes soon,,we don't know the exact date yet.
Today,we are at Sinai to talk about Brandon's new Chemo.Drugs. His Oncologist wants him to start right away. We wait for awhile for our Insurance to approve it.
Brandon's start with VINORELBINE,IV liquid once a week at Sinai Infussion Room,OUT-patient and he will take ORAL Chemo everyday called CYCLOPHOSPHAMIDE,Cytoxan. He will get these
Chemos. for four months ,,then we will do the Scans.These drugs seems to be promising,
and we know that all of you prayer warrior's will continue to pray that this is the Miracle we are praying for. We thank you so much for all your un-ending love and support.We know God has plan for Brandon. Jeremiah 29:11 .
Next week,Tuesday, we have to see a Spine Oncologist for CyberKnife Radiation.
We pray that by God's Grace,he will continue to give us strength mostly Brandon.
He's courage and positive attitude will get him through this Ordeal.
Many Blessings and Hugs to all,

From: Jessie Peele []
Sent: Saturday, December 29, 2007 4:07 PM
Subject: Brandon Peele-Update

Hello Everyone,
We prayed that you all had a Wonderful Christmas.Thank you for your continued
love and support for my family mostly to Brandon. It really means alot and now we need more prayers we could get for Brandon's cure.
We we're at Sinai Hospital yesterday allday for Brandon's 12 weeks of this Temserolimus.
Brandon got CT-Scans 12-22 and he got MRI on 12-26.We saw the Scans yesterday with his Oncologist.Brandon had some back pain for the last two weeks and tummyache.We are all very concerned.Some good news and some bad news.
Brandon's tumor's in his lungs are stable, while the tumor's in his liver are slightly bigger.
The tumor's in his spine are back,,,it got cleared before,,now his Oncologist said that
maybe that's the reason why he has some back pain.
We have appointment to see Oncologist for the Spine,,,this time we will do the CyberKnife
Surgery.It's in between his disk and spine that we pray that this will take care of his pain.
We saw his MRI and his Kidney the right one is swollen.we remembered in June when he
got that Cisplatin Chemotherapy,it damage his kidney,so we think it has not heal completely.
The tumor in his lower pelvis is still active and it's pushing the urethra and is restricted,
that's why his kidney is swollen,now we have appoinment for urologist this Thursday.
Dr. Fixler said ,they could put a tube to drain that right kidney,we will be in- patient then.
We thought we will be admitted yesterday,But Thank God Brandon's pain subside...
For now,we Thank God each day for his continued Blessings to Brandon . We know
God has plan for him.Jeremiah 29:11.
This coming Friday we will talk again with his Oncologist for the new Chemotherapy he will start.Please continue to pray that God will guide his Oncologist to direct for the drug that is best for Brandon.We pray for the cure of this terrible disease.
Again Thank you for your prayers and all the Best wishes,we apprecaite all of them.
God Bless you all and Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR......

From: Jessie Peele []
Sent: Friday, November 16, 2007 6:57 PM
Subject: Brandon Peele/ Update

Hi Everyone,
How are you doing? We get back from Sinai today at 3 pm.Eric stay with us allday since he has night-shift this week. We are praying for Good News and he want to hear it direct from Brandon's Oncologist.
Today is the # 6 Cycle of this new drug(# 11 Chemotherapy) that Brandon is getting.
He is getting this TEMSIROLIMUS DRUG 25mg.,FDA approved as of May 30,2007.As you all know Brandon get this Chemotherapy drug plus five more every Friday for the last six weeks.The procedure takes allday that he do all his class work in Sinai while getting his Chemo.He is a good kid and very brave and Thank God he is always positive that he really amazed me and Eric.We are very proud of him.
He's been back in Franklin High School for a month now.Everything is doing well.
He stay after school every Wednesday for a guitar club (love this club)and Thursday for a Key Club(they do
community service and this month they are doing Christmas gifts for the needy).
His hair is starting to come back and he continue to gain weight.( 2
I think going back to his home school is the best thing for him.He is a lot happy now
and just having fun with his friends.He got his Report Card yesterday and Straight "A"s..
He made the Dean's List last quarter last year.I was very surprised to see his name there.
WELL, we get the result of his PET/CT Scans today.Some Good News and bad news.
Good News is his Tumors are stable.The bad news is there is No significant Shrinkage.
Bad,Bad Tumors.I guess we have to look on the positive side at least it's NOT growing No More.Thank God.His Oncologist said that this drug needs longer duration to see the total effects.Since Brandon is doing really-well with this drug,No side-effects whatsoever, his Oncologist suggest that we will continue another six weeks with this Temsirolimus.
We will do again the PET/CT Scans in January' 08 and compare the progress.
We appreciate all your continued prayers,love, support and those many well-wishes .It really works and it means alot.We praise and Thank God for his Blessings to Brandon and Praying for the CURE of this terrible disease.He has plan for Brandon Jeremiah 29:11
We want to wish all of you" HAPPY THANKSGIVING" may the Lord Blessed you all.
Thank you for everything and Hugs to all.

From: Jessie Peele []
Sent: Tuesday, October 23, 2007 10:06 AM
Subject: Brandon Peele/ Back to School

Hello Everyone,
How are you? Praise the LORD for he is GOOD.Brandon fells great and continue to gain weight.This past weekend is the first time he used his Skateboard since he got it Christmas.He told me he did some OLLIES.These scared me.He could do some sports now and he is very glad to be a little normal kid again.After all those arrangement last week about Brandon's re-entry in Franklin High School everything went fine.Me and Eric went to Home and Hospital School in Falls Road and talked to all Brandon's teacher's and the Principal there.They are all wonderful that Brandon has a special previlege in FHS and told us they gonna miss Brandon.We also went to FHS talk to his Guidance Counselor,Assistant Pricipal and talk to the nurse in school and gave Brandon's medications in case he needs it.We talk to his Oncologist and his nurse in Sinai. His Oncologist told us if Brandon has problem in FHS,he will be gladly to talk to his class and explain about Brandon's situations.They are very compassionate,that they are all willing to help Brandon comfortable,and just fits-in his classes.
With all these,Brandon need to have two sets of Text Book,one to stay home and one to be at school.He cannot carry all those books all day because of his Hickman Catheter.He could wear hat but choose not to,he could leave all his class five minutes before it ends to avoid the traffic in the hallways,he could have assistant to carry his books and he could go to the nurse office without asking the teachers anytime he wants. All these he donot want to.He just want to be just a normal teen.I took him to school yesterday and talk to his Guidance Couselor for a while and to his Orchestra Teacher,We saw Wesley Parker on the hallway and they both were talking going to thr Orchestra Room and he told me I could go,there's one student say hi to him too on the hallway,I'm so glad that students talk to him.
We were all worried yesterday ,what's gonna happen,,,
I take him to school every morning and pick- him up in the afternoon.
Yesterday was the very first day and his English Class had a WELCOME back to School PARTY for him.He was very surprised,me and Eric were surprise too.We are all very happy
that alot of students really thinks of Brandon as a good friend.Brandon was happy and looking forward to go to school today. Again ,we Thank you for your continued support and all the prayers for Brandon,It really means alot,and please continue praying so that his Tumors will continue to shrinks and we could do Stem-Cells Transplant and he will be renew to good health again.We know that God has Plans for Brandon Jeremiah 29:11.
Hugs to all,

From: Jessie Peele []
Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2007 7:13 PM
Subject: Brandon Peele- Update

Hello Everyone,
How are you? Finally our Insurance approved Brandon's new Chemotherapy.
We we're at Sinai today from 8:00am.until 4pm. Brandon get his # 11 Chemotherapy today.
He will have this once a week every Friday in Sinai for 4-6 weeks Out-patient.We pray this
is the Miracle we are praying for. According to his Oncologist,this Chemo is very tolerated
that Brandon choose to go back in Franklin High School.
Brandon feels good and he continue to put on some weight.He amazed me with all his positive attitude.He is very excited to see his friends in school again.He still maintained his straight (A's) grades inspite of all his sufferings during this journey.He passed all those HSA
Test last year with the high-up grades while taking Percocet before test because of the Plueral tubes in his body.He is very brave and strong.Next week he will be getting PSAT at Franklin and we are praying he will do very well again.I have faith in him.
We know we still have a very long journey ahead but for now we are very GRATEFUL for all
of you who supports us all the time.We are Thankful to all the doctor's,nurses and surgeons
that continue to take care of Brandon's and to our DEAR ALMIGHTY GOD that never fails us.Jeremiah 29:11.Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for all the Blessings and more....
God Bless all of you.
Hugs to all,

From: Jessie Peele []
Sent: Friday, September 28, 2007 1:16 PM
Subject: Brandon's Update(Stem-Cell Transplant Postponed ----- AGAIN)

Hello Everyone,
How's everyone doing? Well, I got a very dissapointing news. I got a call from Brandon's Oncologist last night and he told me that Transplant is POSTPONED AGAIN.
Based on the Scans last week at Johns Hopkins Hospital,,the lessions in his lungs got smaller BUT there are more in his liver.Transplant at this point is not the right path.
We have an appoinment Monday 10-1-07 to talk about the next Protocol.We pray for miracles and for drugs that will shrink all these stubborn tumors.
Brandon is positive and in good spirit.He gained 6 lbs. Monday.He is doing very well in Home School.Every Friday his teacher's come and see him and catch-up what he miss.
He enjoyed playing his guitar for hours.He is getting better everyday.
For now,we pray for the cure.His Oncologist told me about this drug that will be very effective for Brandon.Thank you very much for all your love and support, thoughts and prayers.It's your support that keep us going and it mean a lot.Please continue to pray for us....mostly Brandon,,he is a remarkable kid,,thank GOD for his blessings and more...
We are in GOD'S hands and he will provide what we need,he is in control.
Hugs to all,

From: Jessie Peele []
Sent: Monday, September 10, 2007 2:30 PM
Subject: Brandon Peele Update

Hi Everyone,
How are you all doing?Yes,it's been six weeks I did not send e-mails,I'm sorry,sometimes I feel that everybody is too busy now a days, with their life that I don't want to bother.Brandon finished his # 10 Cycle of Chemotherapies.# 9 went well,and last week we're in Sinai from Tuesday to Sunday(yesterday).We got home yesterday at 4 pm...
# 10 Cycle was very strong for him.Wednesday and Thursday,,Brandon lost his memory...
I was very scared Brandon cannot stand-up ,cannot even seat-up on his bed,,he will just open his eyes for a second.He do not know his name or my name,he cannot remember ,he don't know Eric or to answer one plus one.Oncologist said he might have Meningitis,but I said he already got a shot of that,,and he said there are so many kinds out there.
He order CT-Scan of his Brain STAT because he said there might be a tumor growing in his brain...I was a MESS,,,All the result were negative THANK GOD and he order to STOP all the Chemos,and all the medications he is taking.They are gonna move us to ICU,this scared me most. All night Thursday Doctors come-in our room ask Brandon's a lot of Questions over and over to get his memory back,the next day solve some SUDOKU games and Puzzles.Friday he felt better but not allowed to stand-up because he is still very dizzy.With all these,God Is with us mostly to Brandon.Saturday morning he was back reading his Bible.He is okay,God Has plan for Brandon,Jeremiah 29:11.We will be back at Sinai Wednesday for blood work,,and Friday all day for blood transfusion.
If you want to see Brandon you can go to click to star connection,scroll down and you will see all of us there.Brandon is a member of Through a friend he talk in Teens with cancer website,he was able to meet new friends me too,corresponding with them and they are working on the story about Brandon,and we are all invited to Aspen Winter Olympics in March 08 in Colorado.We don't know if we gonna accept it yet.
Through all these we met good christian people,that are praying for Brandon.There are
good things happened in the net,at first I did not believe,but by corresponding the pres.of the organization the writer of the paper,,they gave me there personal phone#,then I believe,we knew Pastor Ali,,he is very kind to Brandon.
I would like to Thank you for all your support and all the continued prayers.It means so much.We have Faith the Transplant is getting closer.Keep-up good thoughts and Thank you for all Get-Well wishes,,I will warn you,Brandon lost all his hair again after # 9 Cycle,he does look the same now compare to his pictues on the website,this was only two weeks ago.
Have a Blessed day ,,God Bless you all,

From: Jessie Peele []
Sent: Friday, August 10, 2007 4:42 PM
Subject: Brandon's Update/Stem-Cell Transplant Postponed

Hello Everyone,
Just as we thought our life is starting to get better,,We hit a BIG BUMP on the road.
We dropped Brandon Sunday after church at the camp.It's a very nice camp , me and Eric was very impressed.All the counselors and nurses are wonderful.
Wednesday at 7PM.we got a call from Brandon's nurse,he is developing a fever and a sore throat and he need to be transported to Sinai ER right away.We went and picked him up and left Sinai ER Thursday at 3AM.Thursday morning I got a call from Brandon's Oncologist in Sinai,and told me the scheduled Stem-Cell Transplant this Monday is cancelled.
Brandon had Scans last week at Hopkins and they compared it to the previous one he took three months ago.We were at Sinai this morning to talk to Dr.Fixler about the plans.
The two tumors in his lungs got bigger,,so we cannot do the transplant.With these,Brandon will get Two -Five days Cycle of Chemotherapies.We will be admitted in Sinai this Monday 8-13 all week.This will delay his transplant for 6 weeks.
Brandon is doing well he just have a little cold right now.
We are dissapointed but we know God has a plan for Brandon.We have Faith in him.
God Bless ,

From: Jessie Peele []
Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2007 1:10 PM
Subject: Brandon's Update

Hello Everyone,
Praise God for his continous Blessings to Brandon.Brandon went to church last Sunday for the first time in 8 months.It was a great feeling he worship together with us.
We went to Sinai Tuesday and all his counts are very low.Platelets,Red Blood and White Blood.I was worried.His Oncologist said he might need transfusions by Thursday.
So far today,he is okay.We started 24 hours of Urine collection and we will bring it to Sinai tomorrow. This is in preparation for his Stem-Cell Transplant. We have to be at Sinai at 8 because for he need Blood and Platelets Transfusions.
I just finish dealing with Johns Hopkins Hospital Oncology.
We have to be in Hopkins next week for two days.
7-31 Labs-Bone Marrow Aspirate and Biopsy.He will be completely sadated with this.
8-1---Pet Scan,MRI Scan, CT Scan, Pulmonary Function Test and
EKG and Echo-cardiogram.
Oncologist at Hopkins wants to get all the scans again before they start the Stem-Cell Transplant.Brandon will be at Summer Camp at Camp Friendship August 5-10.
We will be visiting him for oneday for a parents support group.
His Stem-Cell Transplant was scheduled August 13 for one month at Hopkins.He will be in Home and Hospital School for 60 days then we will see how he fell.
For now,he is looking forward for Saturday 7-28 for Make a Wish Foundations.
They gonna make Brandon's Wish come true. He wish for a Sony Bravia 1080 P LCD
flat screen,PS 3 game system,Surrounds sounds,and a new TV stand,all these will go to his room.The nurses will bring the system Saturday,he is very excited.
This is all for now,Thank you so much for all your love,prayers and support.
We always pray for all of you,keep up the good works,good thoughts.
In Christ Love,

From: Jessie Peele []
Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2007 6:15 PM
TSubject: Brandon's Update

Hello Everyone,
Last week was a good week for Brandon.Monday appoinment with Oncologist was great
news.Brandon gained four pounds. Thursday appoinment with Dr.Buck went very well also.
He told us to go ahead with the No.8 Cycle of Chemotherapy.Brandon's incisions looks great.He took long shower when we get home.Saturday him and Eric went to see Transformer Movie.He was okay.
Yesterday ,I was packed for our five-days-stay in Sinai.
When his Oncologist talked to us,she said all Brandon's counts looks good so we could do
his five days Chemos OUT-PATIENT. We said this is great,we are tired of hospitals.
We stayed in Sinai yesterday for eight hours until all his chemos are finished.
Today we leave home at 8:00 am. and get back 12:45 noon.
We have to do this until Friday.I'm very glad this work-out.I was so worried about him last night,that I check him all the time.For now he is taking this Cycle very well.
Thank you for all your pouring love and support.We know that Brandon is in God's hands all the time. We have faith and hope that Brandon's health will soon be back to normal.
We pray for this everyday.
God Bless you all.

From: Jessie Peele []
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2007 9:17 PM
Subject: Brandon's Health

Hello Everyone,
We are back home.Brandon had surgery in his lower pelvis early Monday morning.Sinai Hospital discharge Brandon yesterday at 4:30 PM.
As I said before,the tumors had shrunk 75 percent.Dr.Buck talked to us before the surgery
that he will attempt Laparotomy surgical and if he cannot get it all ,he will continue with the open cut.After one hour and forty five minutes,Dr.Buck called me and Eric for conference.
He got some pictures of Brandon's stomach and all the tumors inside.
Dr.Buck did Laparoscopic Surgery.Brandon had Three cuts on his pelvis.He was in bad shape,Epidural tube was left for 24 hours and so with his Catheter.He was in a lot of pain.
Dr.Buck said he got 90 percent of the tumors that are in his pelvis.Of coarse ,we are still worried for the 10 percent left,and the one that Metasthasize in his spine,plueral sack and his liver.We prayed that, the upcoming Chemos. and Stem Cell transplant plus the CyberKnife Radiations will take care the rest.
For now,Brandon is slow and sore.We have two days follow-up next week and then No.8
Thank you all for your love and support,prayers and concerned to our family.
We always appreciate it.We are blessed with all the doctors,surgeons and all the Medical Teams that continue to take care Brandon.They are the gift from God.
Take care and God Bless all of you.

From: Jessie Peele []
Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2007 12:37 PM
Subject: Brandon's Health

Hi Everyone,
Sorry for the late up-date.Brandon finished his Seventh-Cycle of Chemotherapy June 3,2007.
The last two weeks was a bit hectic for him,since it's finals in school and we still keep
going back to Sinai twice a week.I'm glad school is over,now we could concentrate on his
Treatment.He is doing okay for now.
We we're at Sinai yesterday,and his blood counts are low.He will have transfusion tomorrow.
We saw Dr.Coleman yesterday, Radiation Oncology and we talked about his up-coming
CyberKnife Surgery,after the Stem-cell transplant.It will take 5-6 weeks everyday.
We went to Dr.Buck last week to talked about his Surgery,for now it is TENTATIVE for Monday.Brandon's Kidneys are not functioning 100 percent.We have to increase his meds.
The surgery will takes one to three hours with five days stay in Sinai.
After Brandon recover from surgery,he has to go for Number 8 Cycle of Chemo.After
recovery,we have to go in Hopkins for one month for his Stem-cell transplant. For now,we are taking oneday at a time.
It's really very hard to plan because things changes.
The GOOD NEWS is Brandon's Tumors had shrunk 75 percent compared in December.
We still got a very long road ahead, but we all have FAITH. Brandon is in GOD'S hands all the time, He has plans for Brandon's future .We thank God for all the doctor's and nurses that continue to take cares of Brandon,they are GREAT.
We Thank you for all your prayers and support through this very hard time of our life.
We pray that,you'll continue praying most especially for Brandon.
He is strong and always has a positive attitude.
Thank you and GOD BLESS ....


Lisa Barrow said...

Hi Brandon, Eric and Jessie,

I have been thinking about the three of you a lot. You are such a special family and you are in my prayers each and every day.

Brandon...your Dad sent me a photo of you a few months ago and I must say that smile of yours really lights up a room!!!

I wish you all a Happy Easter.



Vilma Masters said...

Hi Brandon, Jess and Kuya Eric,

It was really nice to see you guys last Monday. Brandon you look good. I was so happy to see you having your first broth and popsicle after 2 weeks. God is good and He listen to our prayers. We continue to pray for your fast recovery. Be strong! GOD BLESS YOU!


Callie said...

i used to sit next to you in chemistry in mr.blacks class. You are greatly missed. My thoughts and prayers are with you! stay strong and postive!

Your classmate,
Callie Askenas

Amanda Emery said...

Hi Mr Erin and Ms Jessie,
I'm so sorry about what you've endured these past few months. I have been praying for Brandon for awhile now, and I'm sure he's made a safe passage into heaven. I look forward to the day I'll be up there with him. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family during this difficult time.

Anonymous said...

Dear Eric and Jessie,

You don't know me but my husband and Eric worked together at MPT. We lost our son seven years ago, and know what a difficult journey it is. I KNOW that Brandon is with you always and he will be there to give you strength to get through these long days. Please know that we, too, are praying for you to maintain courage and strength, and to find peace. May God bless you, now and always. Ginny Golden

Math class said...

We really missed Brandon today in math class.... his seat has been left empty since he had to stop coming, but it was really awful to stare at it today and think he'd never come back. SO SO SO many people loved him, and are really sorry for your loss. He was an extraordinary person, and the thoughts of many Franklin High school students will be with him and all of you tonight. Please stay strong, we love you.

Ben Udell said...

Hi Mr. and Mrs. Peele,

I hope your holding up. School was wierd for me today. With Brandon gone, it doesn't seem the same. When I was walking from English to lunch (when we usually spoke), I remembered all the times I was with Brandon. I miss him greatly. It will be rough for us all, but Brandon will always be in our hearts. Stay strong.

~Ben Udell

Gilda & Mike France said...

Eric and Jesse,
I was devastated and sad that this precious handsome young man is gone. Our love and prayers are with you and your family. Mike and I are thinking of you on the time of sorrow. Brandon may you rest in peace. You are missed..
With our love and prayers,
Gilda and Mike France
Covington, Indiana

Cheryl Beachley said...

Mr. and Mrs. Peele,
My name is Cheryl Beachley and I am a member of COG church. Our church put a prayer request in our bulletin a couple of weeks ago for Brandon. I was Brandon's VBS teacher a couple of years and remember him very well. He was always so polite and very nice. I can not imagine the pain you are going through at the loss of this very special young man. But I praise God that Brandon knew the Lord and was strong in his faith. There are many things you will not see Brandon accomplish that many parents look forward to for their children, but those things are nothing compared to the greatest thing of all which is being a follower of Christ, knowing the Lord and living with Him for all eternity. May you find great comfort and peace in knowing that your son, Brandon left this earth with the most important claim and that is his salvation in Christ. I pray that God will continue to use Brandon's life to bring others to Himself whether it be from his funeral or things they remember Brandon saying or doing. I pray that God will pour out His comfort and peace on you as you go through these days, that you may come to know the love and faithfulness of God even more as you look to Him for strength. God is faithful. In Christ, Cheryl Beachley

April 3, 2008 12:29 PM

Franklin High Classmate. said...

Hello Mr. And Mrs.Peel's.
I am so sad to hear that Brandon passed, i didn't know him well at all but i've lost someone before and i know how hard it is. But it will get easier i swear, just know that hes in a better place now, and even though you miss him and he misses you hes happier in a place where theirs no more pain. I am so so sorry for your loss and i hope your last days with Brandon were very family.
Well i'm so sorry again!
Rip; Brandon Peele
FOREVER missed, NEVER forgotten.

Mia Davis said...

I met Brandon in the 7th grade he was truly a great person.I just want to let Brandon's parents to know that Brandon was an angel in life and will always live in our hearts. Rest in peace brandon and may your spirit soar forever

~Mia Davis

Anonymous said...

Hello Eric & Jessie

It was a pleasure seeing u bein very strong at brandons view. God has not forgotten about u, as a matter of fact the lost of Brandon is a wake up call for all of us that our 1 and only God still lives and has been haering us crying out to him. U tremendously blessed to have a son lke Brandon. Though the Devil tried to take brandon away from us,our prayers to god fought him out of brandon's sight. Our only 1 true god, who brought him out into this Earth, have taken him back so he wont suffer in this earth, but to enjoy the Kindom of Heaven which he has prepared for him. I know our Angel[Brandon] is watching over us right now. Brandon being ur son was not a mistake, but a blessing. I love u guys and if u need anything just call upon the lord and tell him every bit of ur heart and also read his book[Bible] for this will keep u strong for the rest of ur lives. thanks for being strong for ur son and I know that god has made a room for u in his Kingdom. Fill free to email me @


LOVE from the bottom of my heart,

Emma Nwairo

Anonymous said...

Jessie, thank you for sharing your feelings with me over the months.Brandon was very special to me, I loved getting his emails and always knew they would be postive and strong. I think he was very special and I will miss him everyday. I know you are stong and have your peace knowing that such a beautiful child is not suffering any longer.It was heartbreaking to know he was in such pain. We are so proud that he is a Blue Star. We never replace them , they just are in another place. john

Keith Krichinsky said...

My dear friends Eric and Jessie;

It is with great sadness that I just learned of the passing of your beloved Brandon. I regret that I was unable to present my condolences in person. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with all three of you with hopes that you are able to get through this tragedy with much faith and love.

God speed;

Keith Krichinsky

Nataliya M. said...

I just met Brandon this year but I wish i knew him longer. He is such a great person. Every time i see Mrs.Peele my throat gets dry because i CANNOT imagine how it must feel without Brandon. Sometime when i sit in English class I think about him, Look at his desk, and imagine him still sitting there and doing his work. And sometimes i stop by Brandon's shrine at my school and just think.

The game was fun and it was nice seeing Brandon's whole family cheering the teams on.

-Nataliya Mesropov

Amber said...

Hello jessie,
My name is Amber and tonight we meet at the cemetary. I was there visiting my father while you were visiting brandon. I just wanted to let you know that the talk i had with you really helped me. Im glad to have been there for you as much as you were for me. Even though we have never meet, i felt i could share with you everything. I just wanted to let you know you have touched my heart and i will pray for you and your family always.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessie and Eric,

Please know that Jim and I hold you in our prayers and thoughts. We know what a difficult time you are going through, but please hold on to the hope that the burden will get easier to bear. The light of your love for Brandon will forever remain bright and strong. But the anguish that you are now experiencing will eventually lessen and you WILL be able to think of your son with laughter and happiness.

I received tremendous help from Compassionate Friends during the first few months after my son's death at the age of almost 14. They are the most amazing group of bereaved parents who have all traveled the same arduous journey up from the depths of despair. Because they are all in the same situation, they know without words how you feel. It was such a tremendous relief to be among people who knew our pain without even being told. Please let us know if you'd like us to go with you to a meeting, either up in your area or down near us. Please take care of yourselves and try to find some peace.
Much love, Ginny and Jim

Amber said...

jessie and eric,
here is the story of the paper crains. I hope you enjoy! please email me whenever you would like

The Sadako Story
The paper crane has become an international symbol of peace in recent years as a result of it's connection to the story of a young Japanese girl named Sadako Sasaki born in 1943. Sadako was two years old when the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, 1945. As she grew up, Sadako was a strong, courageous and athletic girl. In 1955, at age 11, while practicing for a big race, she became dizzy and fell to the ground. Sadako was diagnosed with Leukemia, "the atom bomb" disease.
Sadako's best friend told her of an old Japanese legend which said that anyone who folds a thousand paper cranes would be granted a wish. Sadako hoped that the gods would grant her a wish to get well so that she could run again. She started to work on the paper cranes and completed over 1000 before dying on October 25, 1955 at the age of twelve.

The point is that she never gave up. She continued to make paper cranes until she died.
Inspired by her courage and strength, Sadako's friends and classmates put together a book of her letters and published it. They began to dream of building a monument to Sadako and all of the children killed by the atom bomb. Young people all over Japan helped collect money for the project.